Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

Wrestling with Shakespeare

I’ve been bashing my way through this story, trying to get a first draft (without songs) by the end of next week. This first draft will be rough. Very rough. At first I was thinking that only the central characters of Love’s Labour’s Lost would be wandering the halls of St. Agatha’s Academy, but this was before I started digging into this thing. I am now realizing that what at first seemed like a fairly simple plot line is actually more complex than I thought.

Last night I inserted Shakespeare’s characters Dull, Costard and Adriano de Armado into the story line. Of course, in my version all the sexes are reversed so Adriano is Adriana, a mexican student from Guadalajara, who is proving to be quite a lunatic. Dull is a prefect in Billings House where Adriana lives, and Costard is Adriana’s dorm mate who has wronged her by hooking up with the love of her life: Juan Gonzales, another Mexican. I’m not quite sure how it is all working yet, but writing in these crazy characters feels right for the time being…and they are really proving necessary to make my version of the plot work.


  Hilary wrote @

I have just read LLL in Wikipedia so am now ready to understand the plot of St Aggie”s!!

  Trish Walker wrote @

I think I should do the same, Hilary. I am getting more curious about these characters and this story. Wish I “got” Shakespeare better.

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