Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

On Our Way

On Our Way

This is a demo of a song near the end of the show. I’m thinking that this is the heart of the whole piece. Fergie and James sing this song the night before James flies back to Ottawa for his father’s funeral. Here’s a bit of the scene surrounding the song…

FERGIE: What’s going to happen to all of us?

(Of course there is no answer to that question, but the two try to search for it somewhere out across the water on the mainland. Music underscores as FERGIE begins to speak.)

You know, I used to imagine myself in a different time and place. Like, a long time ago. And I’d be…I don’t know…a totally different person. Not myself at all. I’d be someone like…like Joan of Arc, or Elizabeth the First…or Jane Austen. God I used to love Jane Austen. I still do. And I used to really try to get inside her head, you know? I’d close my eyes and I’d be standing outside Wuthering Heights…oh yeah, that’s Bronté…well, whatever, Mansfield Park, and I’d be looking out at the world from her eyes. From Jane’s eyes. Her world. Not like this one, with it’s pizza boxes and Sony Walkmen and MTV and, I don’t know, doomsday devices and what have you. And what would she think of all this? We used to live near Jane Austen’s house in Hampshire, in Chalton, before we moved to Germany. So much around there is so ancient it’s easy to imagine how it would have looked…

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  Trish wrote @

I love this one! Loved St. Aggie’s when I lstened to it again to it.

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