Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

1st Reading

Read the “First Draft” today with Linette Smith and Stephen Delano. It feels very good to finally have the show out in the open and not just locked up in the digital circuitry of my laptop. It was really fun to hear the characters voices for the first time.

There is still a big question about the timeline of everything that happens in the story, the biggest being how much time passes during the course of the play. I don’t think it’s hugely important to answer these questions just yet…some of them will be answered simply with the insertion of songs, which will change the feeling of time completely.

So… time to write some songs.

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  Linette wrote @

What a great first read. Thanks Chris Wynters. We laughed, we groaned, we contemplated, there’s a lot of life in there.

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