Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

2010 in 1984

Turner Classic Movies put on the movie, “2010” yesterday, New Year’s Day. It was certainly a fitting choice to play on the first day of the year in which this movie was set. If you don’t know, “2010” is the sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s ground breaking 1968 film, “2001 – A Space Odyssey”. Although “2010” was nowhere near the kind of iconic movie that “2001” was, it is still a pretty interesting movie with a great cast, including Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren (with a fantastic Russian accent) and some amazing visual effects, especially considering it was made many years before CG.

Now, you might be thinking, what does a sci-fi movie starring, “that guy from Jaws” have to do with this blog about my new musical? Well the fact is…the movie came out in 1984!

I saw this movie at least twice that I can remember in the theatres that year. I loved it. It’s incredible the memories that are flooding back while watching it. The first thing that strikes me is the heathy dose of cold war paranoia that is rampant thoughout the movie, which takes place on a Russian space ship, populated by both Russian and American astronauts. The tensions are very high between the members of the crew as the tensions between their two countries have grown to dangerous levels back on Earth during their two year  journey to Jupiter during which they’ve all been in hibernation.

I clearly remember watching this movie in 1984, and being both depressed by the idea that Russians and Americans could still be on the brink of war twenty-six years in the future, and at the same time, relieved that we might all still be around. It was a curious feeling at the time, but is even more bizarre touching on it again all these years later.

I have to say I love the vision we had of the future back then. It’s quite hilarious. We really thought that it would all look so much different than the world that was around us. I don’t know if we thought that white plastic furniture would be more comfortable in the future, but it seems that everyone’s home is full of the stuff. It sort of looks like that stackable white plastic garden furniture that you get at Superstore.  Just the look of it makes my neck hurt. And we were so obsessed with artificial intelligence. We really wanted our new machines to think for us. Our “Apple II’s and our TRS 80’s. We never envisioned that communication would be the king of the future. There is not a cell phone in site, in that 2010.

Whatever the case, the irony of it all has certainly hit home. This is a movie set in 2010, created in 1984. What I am working on right now is a story set in 1984, created in 2010. Crazy, huh?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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