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High Praise…From a Six Year Old

A couple of days ago I played a demo of a piece I was working on from the “St. Aggie’s” score for my daughter, Imogen. She’s six. As the piece played from the car stereo she suddenly got very excited. She said, “Daddy, this is really, really good! Really! I love this! Daddy!” She could hardly contain herself. Then she got very serious and looked me right in the eyes. “Hannah Montana could do this song.” I laughed. Then she got even more serious and said, “No really, Daddy. She could.”

Slightly confusing. But I’m taking it as a compliment.

I’ve been working very hard today on the scene where the four girls discover that each has broken the oath. It’s such a great scene in the Shakespeare. I’m attempting to write four songs, one for each of the girls. Four songs that fit together perfectly, that are all sung together in the climax of the scene. No problem. Ha!

Wish me luck.


  Hilary wrote @

I’m wishing you “Good Luck”?and I look forward to hearing all four. Hannah Montana!! Praise indeed especially such a knowledable source. So great

  mardi wrote @

4 – fitting together – whew! you are ambitious, but totally capable; “good luck!”
(you know how ALW does that with the diva and theater owners etc in Phantom of the Opera; and I can never hear what the words actually are. I’m totally lost. …seen it in 5 different cities now, and still haven’t got a clue. I like to hear the words and have a clue, ya know?!)

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