Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

Let’s Get This Show on the Road!

I was at Scona yesterday, going over the musical score with Mr. Stephen Delano, making sure there weren’t too many mistakes…and thankfully there were not. I also met with Mr. Alex Otiniano (who will be playing the guitar for SA84) to go over some of the guitar music. Most of the school looks and feels completely different than it has on my past visits, with a significant lack of students. The theatre wing is making up for the rest of the place though, as it is literally cooking with activity, not to mention that it is about a million degrees.

On my way out I stood and listened to everyone learning the chorus parts of “1984”. I’ve got to say it’s very exciting to hear so many people singing my song. It’s a feeling I’ve experienced a few times in the past with other shows, but this was the first time I wasn’t actually in the room and involved in the rehearsal in some way. It was a curious feeling. Actually, at that moment in the hallway, I realized that I’ve come to a place in the writing process that I wasn’t expecting to find so difficult…I’ve now got to let this thing go. It is time for me to leave this whole crazy story in the capable hands of Linette Smith and Stephen Delano, and 3o or so talented students. I’ll be around still to assist in cuts and help when there are problems, but for the most part I now just need to stay out of the way and let everyone get on with making this show work.

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