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Found some photos on my friend Trixie’s Flickr site. This is a photo of me in the fall of 1983. It was taken at the beginning of grade 10. That actually makes me two years younger than most of the characters in this play. That’s a Jam pin on my lapel. I don’t remember being allowed to wear such a thing – and certainly not in a school photograph, but the evidence is there.

This photo was taken later that same school year, probably around May of 1984. This beautiful spot is located on Salt Spring Island at the top of Mount Maxwell. Although it’s probably 100 miles from the right place and the cliff is definitely not steep enough, this is the view that I have in my head when I picture the “Bowl” location at Saint Agatha’s Academy, where the girls always meet.

Here’s a picture of the same spot today. (I found this on a google image search for Mount Maxwell). The wooden fence has been replaced by a chain link one. This photo shows the detail of the view behind far better than the photo above…still can’t see the mountains though.

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  Marty wrote @

its a fourth dimension!

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