Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

Wednesday. Tech.

This is our amazing venue at the Edinburgh Fringe: The Church Hill Theatre.

Today at 4PM Saint Aggie’s ’84 had it’s official 2hrs of tech time at the festival. Everything went relatively smoothly thanks to the organization of all involved. Our venue staff all seemed really great, and surprisingly American. I guess it’s not that surprising as the show is part of the American High School Theatre Festival…I just hadn’t thought of it. All the AHSTF people were really nice to us. There was one audio technician who even pronounced PZM (it’s a type of microphone) P-ZED-M. So nice of him. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we just say P-ZEE-M.

Here are some shots from the day.

SA84 is performing somewhere on the Royal Mile tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out when and where. BTW, went to see an excellent production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch just now. I’ve never seen it…even though I music directed it and was in it in 2003. Amazing to actually see it. What a great show.

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