Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

Sunday Afternoon.

Well, we’re through three performances of Saint Aggie’s. One more to go. This morning’s run at 10:20 was really great. We had quite a big house as the cast of “Once On This Island” was there and they are a group of about 75.

There’s something about having a late night show followed by an early morning show that almost makes you feel like you’ve been cheated out of a performance. Of course, that’s not true, you haven’t been cheated (and I’m sure the cast of Saint Aggie’s is feeling pretty tired having performed the show twice in less than 12 hours). It’s just that there hasn’t been the time between shows to enjoy the accomplishment of performance…or the time to anticipate the next one. It’s almost like a two show day, just with a sleep in the middle. Of course that’s pretty easy for me to say as I’m just sitting in the audience watching.

The cast is really getting into the flow of the show now. It’s too bad it can’t run for weeks. Oh, well. One more show. Two days to anticipate this time. Quite the opposite of today.

Here are some shots from last night just before the Saturday night performance.

BTW…these slugs were on the wall beside the Church Street Theatre before we went in.


  Florence wrote @

Hi Chris.I’m really enjoying the blogs on Aggie’s 84. What a delight to meet you and what a great day on Saturday. The show is brilliant. Congratulations. I love your Mum to bits and am missing you all dreadfully. Love abd a big hug. Florence

  scarabsounds wrote @

Great to meet you, too, Florence. We’re all hoping to have a smashing final performance of the show. See you soon in Canada, I hope.

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