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Monday. Day Off.

I am posting this blog the night after writing it. For some reason when I’d finished writing last night it would not upload to wordpress. So hopefully it will work now – I guess if you are reading this then it did. Here is a view from where I’ve been writing these Edinburgh posts. Out the window beyond the nearby apartment buildings you can see Holyrood Park and the hill/mountain? known as Arthur’s Seat. I’m heading out for a run but here’s what I wrote last night.

“It is now the end of Monday. Actually, technically it’s very much into Tuesday here in Edinburgh. 12:56AM. Monday there was no performance of the show and the cast, crew and all the other members of the delegation went of to wander in the countryside and look at castles and the like. It was very wet here today (…er, yesterday) and the umbrella and raincoat that I packed have suddenly become very handy.

I’m so happy to see that so many people are starting to look at the blog. The numbers have actually doubled every day for the past three days. It’s quite astounding.

It’s been great to have a place to post photos and ramble on about things. Sadly I don’t have anything to post here tonight in the photo department…but hopefully tomorrow.

This evening the cast watched another AHSTF show written by Shel Silverstein that was (in my opinion) very surprising. I’m a big fan of the man and I had no idea that he wrote such crazy short (and perhaps off-colour) plays. I know that many in the cast were running around checking out shows around the city (as was I) and they will be doing the same tomorrow.”


  Florence wrote @

Enjoy the time off, Chris and break a leg everyone for Wednesday. Wish I was there!.Well done on numbers for the blog. Hugs all round. XXX Florence

  Danica wrote @

Thanks for keeping us home-bound parents updated on the Edinburgh adventure! It is wonderful to see photos of the fun they are having 🙂

  scarabsounds wrote @

Amazing to be here. What a great experience. I know they are all having an incredible time!

  David Barnet wrote @

Thanks for the blog: I check it every day.


  scarabsounds wrote @

Good to here, David. You’ll be happy with the photo of Thomas’ new green pants (trousers) in today’s blog.

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