Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

Tuesday and the Festival Fringe

When I first looked at the Edinburgh Fringe Program a few months ago when it arrived in the mail, I have to say, I was overwhelmed. It’s a huge thick book with literally thousands of shows listed in it. You see Fringe venues listed up into the four hundreds. It’s ridiculous. Then you arrive here and you walk around this place and it’s even more overwhelming. There are tens of thousands of people in the streets who are here to see shows. They are rabid for shows. Not that they aren’t in Edmonton, but it’s just that there are so many more of them here. Don’t forget that Edinburgh is only half the size of Edmonton and they say that the festival brings in 500 000 people on any given night around the city.

And yes there is the street theatre going on everywhere (much like home) and there are crowds for that, but it’s the fact that all the indoor shows that I’ve been to are very well attended, there are cues everywhere, that makes this whole thing extra special.

Now I’ve said that the program was overwhelming, and it is. But one thing you don’t even realize when you see all of the 400+ venues listed in the program is that some of the venues actually have multiple theatres. And some of them have quite a few theatres. For instance, “C” is a venue. It is spread over six actual locations but it has nineteen performance spaces and 200 shows. That’s nearly as big as the Edmonton Fringe in one venue. And “C” is not even one of the big venues. Overwhelming!

So, I was waiting to see a new musical called “Edges” at the C Soco venue (#348) and who should I see coming out of their show in “C” venue 34, which is right next door, but some of the cast of “Saint Aggie’s ’84”.

One of them (it was Thomas Barnett) had on his new green pants.

I’ve photographed a couple of the other venues I’ve been to tonight. The first is the Roxy Art House (named so because it is on Roxburgh Street) which is on the way form “C” to my now favorite venue…

…the Pleasance Courtyard!

Here are some shots of the courtyard. It’s a wonderful place that houses about a dozen or so theatres. (Maybe more).

I was trying to decide what to see at around 10PM. This is just the program for The Pleasance Courtyard. There was quite a lot on. BTW I chose an Irish Comedian by the name of David O’Doherty. It was brilliant. So funny. Oh, yeah…one more thing. Pleasance has a whole other venue, the Pleasance Dome. It has eight more stages, I believe. Happy Fringing!!!

See you tomorrow!

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