Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

Final Show.

Well, it did have to happen at some point, and now it has…happened. The final performance of Saint Aggie’s ’84 has come and gone. Tomorrow I will be on my way home to Canada with some fond memories and a great sense of accomplishment…not to mention a little sadness, I suppose. We will be doing some recording in a week or two and there will be productions of Saint Aggie’s in the future, some might even involve some of the performers from this production, but the truth is that this incarnation of this play will never happen again…ever.

I’m not trying to be a downer, but it is the truth. It’s the one thing that I’ve never fully been able to get used to in my 20 years of working in this business, the fact that every time you do one of these things you come together as a group, share a common experience, become a family and then right in the middle of it all feeling really good, you go your separate ways. “You go this way, I’ll go that way”. You just never get used to it. That’s all there is to say.

Actually there is a lot more to say, but it’s late and I have an early flight. But just in case I didn’t say it before I would like to say, thank-you. Thanks to all of you for all of your hard work. It’s been a pleasure. Here are some shots from before and after tonight’s final show.

One exciting thing that happened today is that it looks like there may very well be an American premiere of Saint Aggie’s ’84 some time soon. It’s a little early to discuss the details but needless to say I am extremely excited about the possibility of an American run. I will keep everyone posted.

Time to get some sleep. I’ve got a lot of writing to do on the plane tomorrow.


  Trish wrote @

I have really enjoyed being along for your great fringe ride if only in the virtual sense. Perhaps I will always regret that we timed things out of sync. Or perhaps it was the way it was meant to be. Either way we were there with you the whole time. I hope you have a suitcase full of biscuits.

  Florence wrote @

Well done Chris and everyone. What a success and fingers crossed for the American run of the show. I have been spreading the news of the show amongst my friends. Again, a delight to meet you at last-I expect you are in the air now, but safe journey. Keep in touch. Love to you and Maria and the kids. XXX Florence

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