Saint Aggie's '84

The history of a new musical as it comes to be…

Recording Continues

If it was 1984, this is the machine that we would most likely have been using to record the show. It’s about the size of a washing machine but weighs 10 times as much and probably cost around a quarter of a million dollars when it first hit the market. You do still find them around (we had a big MCI deck in our studio for a while) and they have a certain something in the way that they sound…but they are just so clunky and expensive to operate. (Not to mention $270 for a roll of tape that gives you only 20 minutes of record time – you try telling a young rock band that the tape costs alone will be 3 grand if they want to use the tape deck!)

Tonight we will be finishing the vocals (for most part) and I will only have the strings left to record. I’m hoping to have the whole thing mixed by the middle of November.

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  carolyn wrote @

Brilliant, I really need one of the CD’s when they are done, how do I order?

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