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Ready to Go at the Winspear

Tech went well at the Winspear Centre this afternoon. An hour an twenty-five minutes to showtime. Better get ready. More pictures later.


So many hours in one day…

I’ve spent the best part of this double day up in the sky. Sunny and about 3PM for the past seven hours or so. If only there could be this many hours in every day…then I could really get some work done. So far I’ve made writing notes on Saint Aggie’s ‘84, watched two movies, eaten three lunches, charted out much of “All The While” from Red Lips and chatted with my Afghani neighbour in between trips to the washroom…oh yes, and had a good discussion with David Barnet about the show. I’ll explain.

You’d think this flying alone thing would be a bit lonely but it really is a small world. On my flight from Edinburgh I ran into Jonathan Kawchuk’s family. Actually we met in the Edinburgh Airport before the flight and I had a good strong coffee at the coffee shop right by our gate (they all had tea). I lost track of them once we arrived at Heathrow where my leisurely three hour terminal transfer somehow became a 45 minute mad-dash due to delays out of Edinburgh followed by my favourite circling forever over London. Puffed out and relieved I stumbled onto my flight to Edmonton where, sitting at the seat immediately in front of me, was Mr. David Barnet who was returning to Canada not from Edinburgh but from Paris, among other places.

I spilled a few of the beans to him about my plans for what I might attempt in the plot of Saint Aggie’s and since our talk I’ve been thinking about it for the whole flight…even during the movies, and lunches, etc…

Looking down at Canada, Edinburgh already seems a little like a dream. I’ll let it remain a dream for a little while, but truthfully I’ll be back to work right away. I’ll keep you all in the loop and let you know what develops.

Don’ forget we’ll be recording on either the Sept 11 or 12.

Wednesday. Tech.

This is our amazing venue at the Edinburgh Fringe: The Church Hill Theatre.

Today at 4PM Saint Aggie’s ’84 had it’s official 2hrs of tech time at the festival. Everything went relatively smoothly thanks to the organization of all involved. Our venue staff all seemed really great, and surprisingly American. I guess it’s not that surprising as the show is part of the American High School Theatre Festival…I just hadn’t thought of it. All the AHSTF people were really nice to us. There was one audio technician who even pronounced PZM (it’s a type of microphone) P-ZED-M. So nice of him. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we just say P-ZEE-M.

Here are some shots from the day.

SA84 is performing somewhere on the Royal Mile tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out when and where. BTW, went to see an excellent production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch just now. I’ve never seen it…even though I music directed it and was in it in 2003. Amazing to actually see it. What a great show.

Radio Silence Finally Lifted

The Piano/Vocal Score is done!

Okay, okay. I’m going to start blogging again. I was finding it hard to justify taking half an hour or more to write a post when I was so far behind on the script and score. Now that it seems that I’m out of the weeds I’m going to jump back on and start posting again. Just watch out!